Argentines flock to Qatar for chance to win the World Cup

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The 2022 World Cup final at the Lusail Stadium in Doha, Qatar, is expecte to attract at least 50,000 Argentine fans to help their nation chase for a third star, not counting them. The Argentines relocated to join them again.

Report from ‘C5N ‘ that fans of ‘ Albi Celeste ‘ are very impressed with this team’s performance. Both believed to be a great farewell tournament to captain Lionel Messi. With the title of world champion Not disappointed again like World Cup 2014. 

For this reason, there are cheerleaders who have traveled 8,000 miles , holding the machine for more than 20 hours to encourage half a hundred thousand Lionel Scaloni ‘s team, even if some of them can’t find tickets to the stadium, it will create an atmosphere around ufabet.  

As for those who enter, prepare more than 4,000 ‘ blue – white ‘ balloons, more than 6,000 national flags , more than 2,000 national team scarves , drum machines , trumpets , etc. to dye Lucel Stadium into a human wave. Argentina  

The phenomenon of so many fans is unprecedented for a World Cup final, even in Brazil. Because the whole nation believes that they will touch the championship again since 1986 

As for the shirt for the final match, Argentina uses a blue – white shirt , white pants, and the whole set of France is navy blue .