Cristiano Ronaldo wants to stay in the English Premier League

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has revealed that his old friend Cristiano Ronaldo wants to stay in the English Premier League.

         The Portugal international star is currently a free agent after terminating his contract with the Red Devils last month. Previously, there was news with Al-Nasser, but the player’s side has already denied it.

         Despite having recently left Old Trafford and being seen as a possible move to another league with a target for the Champions League, Gary would love to see Ronaldo stay in England. next

         “How does he see the end of his career? He sees the end of his career playing in the minor leagues or seeing his career playing in the big leagues. And continue at that level?” Gary told Sky Sports.

         “I hope it’s the latter where he can find a ufabet club in the MLS. even in the Premier League I want him to stay in the Premier League with a club that can bring him up and we can watch him play every week.

         “That’s what we want to see. We want to see him on the pitch.

Ronaldo wanted to leave United last summer to play Champions League football.

But several clubs including Chelsea, Napoli and Atletico Madrid rejected the chance to sign him.

And it appears there is little interest in the Portuguese superstar at the top level.