Cafes & Restaurants

Ume-Tei Japanese Restaurant

The Ume-Tei Japanese Restaurant is located on the 3rd Floor of Amcorp Mall. After a tiring day of shopping around the mall, you might want to enjoy a satisfying Japanese meal at Ume-Tei as it has a great variety of Japanese dishes for you to enjoy, all of which are offered at affordable prices.

After all, Ume-Tei is one of the most established Japanese restaurants around having been operating since 1998 and is known to attract a large group of customers who have been dining here for many years now. Apart from the regulars, it is quite popular among the people who work around here and shoppers as well.
The restaurant is operated by the chef himself where it has a lot of sumptuous dishes for you to choose from. You can either take the meal ala carte style or go for the standard sets which come with a drink and dessert. The food here is pork-free and if you require, they offer delivery services as well.

Ume-Tei Japanese Restaurant
L3-16/17 3rd Floor,
Amcorp Mall,
46050 Pataling Jaya

Sri Suria Café

If you are visiting Amcorp Mall and is out and around shopping, then you will come across the Sri Suria Café which will be an enticing place to sit and take a break. This stall offers a wide range of local snacks and drinks at affordable prices. The food here is known to be quite nice and delicious where it is a popular hangout among the shoppers here at Amcorp Mall, especially during the weekends.

Here at Sri Suria Café, you can try out their Singapore Mee Hoon, the Hong Kong Style Wantan Mee Soup which is less than RM10.00. Their RM8.90 Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang is a must-try if you are here for a meal. Otherwise, just hang around Sri Suria Café for a short break where you can order some drinks and enjoy the sight of people shopping and walking around the mall on a typical shopping day.

Haeun Khon Restaurant

The Haeun Khon Restaurant is located on the third floor of Amcorp Mall. This restaurant has a very lovely ambience as a Korean restaurant which offers many types of dishes and styles. Haeun Khon is renowned for its affordable price and its beautiful environment which creates a great place for dining. The food here is of good quality and its location away from the maddening crowd of the lower floors of Amcorp Mall makes it all the more enticing to enjoy a meal out.

Among the dishes that one must try when visiting the Haeun Khon Restaurant are its Korean BBQ Chicken or Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik, the BBQ Chicken Soup or Ttukbaegi Dak Bulgogi Jung Sik and the Chicken Kimchi Soup or Kimchi Jjikeh. A unique feature of this restaurant is that it is not afraid to throw in other styles like the Japanese Gyoza, among many other delicious dishes.

Haeun Khon Restaurant
Lot 336 &363,
No 18, Persiaran Barat,
Off Jalan Timur,
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor